Meet the needs of conventional packaging or special packaging. Automated packaging solutions can significantly shorten the packaging process and maximize the use of labor.
Electric tension, paste, cut tape
Maximum tension 160kg, weight 3.9kg, suitable bandwidth 13 ~ 19mm, thickness 0.8mm
Electric tension, paste, cut tape
Maximum tension 200kg, weight 4.0kg, suitable bandwidth 13 ~ 19mm, with thickness 0.8mm
Manual nail device
15 ~ 19mm can be applied
Pneumatic nailer
15 ~ 129mm can be applied
Applicable outer diameter "6 of the film Strip tensioner
Applicable bandwidth 9 ~ 19mm
Manual gripper
Applicable bandwidth 9 ~ 19mm
Small strip scissors
Applicable bandwidth of 9 ~ 23mm, with a thickness of 1.0mm
Large strip scissors
Applicable bandwidth 9 ~ 50mm
Waxing, trimming strip PET plastic strip