Meet the needs of conventional packaging or special packaging. Automated packaging solutions can significantly shorten the packaging process and maximize the use of labor.
High resolution Chinese inkjet printer

Standard specifications: single nozzle 600 DPI, 32-bit CPU, pocket infrared remote control input.

Printed content: English number, Chinese and graphics; including date, time, retention period, class, counter, pallet number, box number ... and so on, and 10 kinds of global standard bar code.

Printing information: each can print up to 60 Chinese and digital, and can store 200 copies of information.

High print height: up to 12.7mm (0.25 ").

Printing colors: black, red, blue, green, yellow five colors to choose from.

Host Net Weight: 1.9kgs

Working power: 85-270V / 47-63Hz