Meet the needs of conventional packaging or special packaging. Automated packaging solutions can significantly shorten the packaging process and maximize the use of labor.
Carton printing machine
  • model

S-type NT-80/25 small carton dedicated

M-type NT-120/25 single or double line (for general use)

NT-120/25 double or multiple lines (for general use)

NT-120/25 multi-line word (special)

  • Features
  1. Applicable to the carton packaging is completed, the date of manufacture, batch number of quality inspection and so on.
  2. Use the card is the ink wheel and plug-in rubber word, easy to change word, free of power.
  3. Carton size

Height: 60m / m or more

Length: 170m / m or more

  • font size

Plug-in rubber word 3m / m ~ 13m / m Renjun choose special word version can be customized.

  • Printing position

The left and right sides of the carton.