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Vacuum packaging machine (three sides sealing)


Machine size: L880 * W580 * H1050 mm

Machine weight: 160kgs

Power supply: single-phase 220V / three-phase 220V / 380V 50 / 60HZ

Sealing line: 770 * 1,400 * 2/420 * 420 mm

Vacuum tank Available dimensions: a. L770 * W400 * H150 mm, b. L760 * W400 * H150 mm


  1. 10 groups of IC touch memory, easy to operate without repeated settings.
  2. The operating interface adopts the film type panel, may prevent the water repellent.
  3. West Germany imported high vacuum pump.
  4. Full stainless steel, including vacuum tank.
  5. This machine is suitable for all kinds of fresh food, sealing slim and beautiful, gland light.
  6. There are three sides sealed, sealed on both sides of the two specifications to choose from.
  7. The machine can be installed printed font, print date, weight, batch number (optional).
  8. The machine can be vacuum vacuum set to protect the product vacuum (optional).