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Outside pumping vacuum packaging machine


Machine size: L860 * W650 * H1290 mm

Working face size: L600 * W600 mm

Sealing size: 850 mm

Delivery time: 35 working days after order


  1. The machine uses stainless steel bright panel material is not dust and clean room with dry pump, power and low noise.
  2. According to the tightness of vacuum items, timely stop the vacuum action, to avoid excessive vacuum, product damage, and as the basis for the second adjustment.
  3. Sealed up and down heating, the upper sealing seat double convex line, under the sealing seat flat design, can be sealed four layers of aluminum foil bag.
  4. Set the platform to adjust the height, for a variety of different sizes of products.
  5. Sealing agent exterior, hotline, heat-resistant cloth easy to replace.
  6. New 10 Group Memory Touch Panel.
  7. Can be installed nitrogen and vacuum set device, accurately set the vacuum (optional).