Meet the needs of conventional packaging or special packaging. Automated packaging solutions can significantly shorten the packaging process and maximize the use of labor.
    Mini high speed binding machine
Economy - with the whole volume of wire, the material cost is low, simple - compact structure, easy maintenance, small size, no space.
(JB-5), 60,000 needles (JVV3) services - specialized production, good quality, spare parts, service, easy to operate, easy to operate good.
Quiet - unique clutch design, no noise
Tape cutting machine
As long as the switch once, you can cut the tape and neatly arranged in the semi-circular disc above the tape width from 3mm ~ 25mm can be used between the tape cut from the size of 13mm ~ 16mm can be freely adjusted with The width of the tape, the distance between the tape on the rotating disk can also be freely adjusted with a variety of tape cutting function.
Carton fixative
Export packaging ~ environmental protection of the new troops ~ ~ transport special ~ free packaging carton fixative
Desktop automatic sealing machine Simple type hand presses
Foot sealing machine
Applicable to all kinds of plastic bags
Pedal multi-function sealing machine
Applicable to thick plastic bags and aluminum foil bags